Betta splendens, or betta fish (their common name), are a substantial group of fish, commonly called Siamese fighting fish. There are lots of fin and color options out there, and it is even possible to purchase varying sizes. Bettas are a special variety of fish that is known as a labyrinth fish. Betta fish are aggressive fish, and generally violent behavior has gotten them the name Siamese fighting fish. Therefore, they tend to be kept in a different aquarium from other fish.

With the exception of their big flowing fins that make them look big, bettas are actually fairly small. Generally, bettas grow to be about 3 inches long from the nose to the start of the tail. The normal markings of a betta is green and brown, although many bettas are covered in bright colors like turquoise, crimson, orange and many more. For decades, breeders have used the most vibrant bettas and bred them together to design more colorful and better selling bettas. Even fin shapes have changed through breeding - wild betta fish have really small fins, but many betta fish in the fish stores features really big flowing fins. [url= Read This]

Generally speaking, it's best to house male bettas in their own aquarium. Male bettas usually fight one another while living together. Furthermore, males will continually attack female betta fish. Except while breeding bettas, then you should not ever keep female and male betta fish with one another. On the other hand, females do wonderfully with other females. Provided you have a big enough tank, you can successfully keep groups of 3 – 7 females with each other. Including aquarium decorations, tunnels, plants and other spaces to hide will usually help them get along well. Certain species of fish can actually be kept in a community aquarium with a betta fish. Just so long as they all need the same temperature and do not have any long fins, the betta most likely won't attack.

Bettas are meat eaters. Betta fish have upturned mouths and like to feed on the waters surface. They really like to eat plankton and mosquito larvae. Betta fish specifc pellets are simple and cheap foods. Most betta pellets and flakes are a mix of ingredients, like brine shrimp, glassworms and flour to bind it together. Freeze dried brine shrimp and glassworms are an excellent special treat for your betta fish.

The betta has a really specialized mating system. When the male betta is aroused by the female, he will flare his gills and spread his fins. The female betta actually darken in color if she is interested. The male betta then builds a bubble nest at the surface of the water. Next, the female betta will drop her eggs, and the male will fertilize them. The male betta uses his mouth to collect the fertilized eggs and place them safe and sound into the nest of bubbles. The eggs will stay in the safety of the bubble nest until they grow to be fry, or baby fish.

Many people say that bettas have a lifespan of just 2 to 3 years, but in a proper aquarium, they often live to be as old as 8 years. With the right aquarium and decent food, you'll own a healthy and happy fish. Betta fish are an amazing fish, but they are aggressive and should be housed in the right habitat.

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