For men that are seriously worried about the length and girth of their penis and the effect it has on their love life and self-esteem, there are now many treatments that help to increase the size of the penis. Each method varies in its approach to solve the problem and some of them are more beneficial than others. Methods include

From the options listed above, the penis extender device is the only non-surgical treatment that has been clinically proven to permanently increase the size of the penis, while other methods only work on a temporary basis, if at all. Surgery itself is not 100% effective and in the worst case scenario can lead to a decrease in size as well as causing serious damage to nerves prompting erectile dysfunction.

The penis is placed into the base of the extender with an attachment behind the head of the penis. Using supports along either side of the penis, the device stretches the penis gradually. The stretching causes cells within the tissue of the penis to multiply causing the penis to extend and expand. The penis extender devices increase both length and girth of the penis in proportion, again, not something that can be said for surgery.

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