The expression bongo is often mistakenly utilized to describe other types of plats like djembes and also congas, but bongos are in fact two distinct percussion instruments which are attached to the other person. The smaller on the two batterie is called the actual hembra, and that is the Spanish word for woman, and the larger carol on this occasion the actual macho, The spanish language for males.

Although exact foundation of this sort of drum is not accurately followed, the Ocean slave trade launched bongos to Barrica and other aspects of the Carribbean, Middle Distance, and Okazaki, japan from the continent of Cameras. The original bongo percussion are usually made out of wood with rawhide, goatskin, or some other type of animal for the heads of the plats, which can be attached to each other along with a thick part of real wood. Metal, or other different kinds of various other synthetic or natural elements they can double.

Bongo piles made out of ceramics with rawhide heads are commonly within places including Egypt, Parts of asia, and many Middle Eastern countries and therefore are known right now there since tbila.

To the beginner plus the skilled percussionist, bongos are a attractive choice of drums as they are but not only lightweight, but additionally inexpensive and simple to melody and play as soon as you you will understand the various tactics.


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