Get Your $10 Philips Sonicare Rebate

When trying to get the Sonicare rebate, assure you have the ability to give the insurance policy receipt and hard cash sign-up receipt. The insurance policies receipt can also be known as the grocery store receipt and it is commonly stapled onto the small bag where your toothbrush is packaged. This is certainly a unique receipt that contains a lot of the facts uncovered for the toothbrush label for example your title, date, name and model of toothbrush, the store's phone variety, and tackle plus more importantly the quantity of cash which you paid on your Sonicare toothbrush.

Owing to the importance of Sonicare rebates, you should always continue to keep your documents diligently. The reason being you could just end up failing to qualify to get a Sonicare rebate well worth many hundreds of bucks due to some avoidable glitches. You must thus address your Sonicare rebate paperwork just as if it have been as important a document as your house loan. The rule of thumb is usually to always photocopy everything you ship in for the Philips Sonicare Corporation for purposes of processing your rebate.

Prior to filling in your prescription, make sure to also current any Sonicare coupons you might have. This is due to oftentimes, the drug retail store clerk may perhaps not bear in mind that their retail store accepts these coupons or may perhaps not learn how to go about processing them. Normally look at your Sonicare coupons previously hand to guarantee they have not expired and therefore are not limited by any exclusive sonicare rebate problems including validity for certain quantities or sorts of toothbrush. From the occasion that yoursonicare rebate discount coupons are sonicare rebate turned down by a person drug retailer, test your luck at a different.sonicare rebate

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