Cars can be grouped in different Car types for a body type. Here is a classification:


The most common type of car. Then there is a particular model with two or four doors where the trunk is separated from the passenger compartment and a separate trunk.

Example: Toyota Corolla, Seat Cordoba

Combi car

A car with extended roofline and more cargo space than a sedan, cargo area is accessed via a large door in the rear of the car. Car manufacturers often have their own names on their hatchback models.

Example: Volvo V70,, Renault Grand Scenic, Kia

Multi-purpose / MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle)

A type of car, bus often similar, with more passenger space than a sedan. Flexi car is larger and often have removable seats and can thus be adapted to the need for transportation.

Example: 2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager, Ford Galaxy, Hyundai Matrix,

Sports car / coupe

A two-door car that is lower than a sedan, and sometimes only two seats. The roof slopes are usually more at the rear and can be removable or retractable.

Example:, Peugeot 307 CC, Opel Astra Twin Top, Mercedes CLK-Class

SUV / SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

Something between a hatchback and the real terrain, usually equipped with four-wheel drive and higher ground clearance than a regular hatchback. Car type is also sometimes called the "SUVs".

Example: Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota RAV4, Volvo XC90


The two main types of gearbox in the car is manual and automatic. Many cars are now automatic transmission. An advantage of the automatic transmission is smooth and steady driving, which is convenient in city driving. It can also be perceived as safer because it allows the driver to be over concentrated on driving and the surrounding traffic.

A disadvantage is that the older automatic cars often pull 50-10 percent more fuel than cars with manual transmission. Many newer automatic cars, however, drag in many cases the same and in some cases less fuel than comparable cars with manual transmission. Another drawback is that most automatic cars can be towed up and running.

types of cars

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